Upgrading vRealize Network Insight v.4.1.1 with vRLCM

Recently when checking the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager GUI in the lab I am working on I noticed a new notification (red dot at the bell symbol in the upper right corner). Further inspection of the notifications showed the availability of the Product Support Pack 2 (Content Version, as shown in the lower entry in below screenshot.
It is also mentioned at the vRealize LCM release page at “VMware docs”.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Notifications

Comparing the supported product versions of this new version with its predecessor (Version reveals that vRealize Network Insight 4.1.1 is now supported: (highlighted in blue)

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Settings/Update

The release notes show all fixed issues, which are mostly focused on performance and stability.

After applying the new version a new entry in the Product Support section appears. As usual start the download in the “Actions” column.
If your My VMware credentials are not configured in the Lifecycle Manager or your deployment is a at a dark site, you can always download the product binaries manually, upload them via SCP and map them yourself, as shown in my previous post.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Settings/Product Support

After the product binaries are available you can either deploy a fresh vRNI deployment or upgrade existing environments as shown in this screenshot below. You can also import existing vRNI deployments into an LCM environment which were not created by an LCM or by a different LCM.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Environments

Follow the wizard by clicking on “Next” or on “Check compatibility matrix” to make sure the products used in your environment are supported:

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Environments/Upgrade

vRealize Network Insight 4.1.1 supports all recent VMware products, like NSX, vCenter Server & vRealize Log Insight as shown in the compatibility matrix: (NSX-T is not mentioned, but is

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – vRNI 4.1.1 compatibility matrix

Before upgrading you should run the the pre-check validations. If any items do not show the “Successful” status you should follow the recommendations before proceeding:

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Environments/Upgrade/Precheck

Once the upgrade request is submitted you can check the status on the “Requests” section:

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Requests (In progress)

Depending on the specifications of your environment, e.g. cluster size, computing power etc. the upgrade process will take some time so complete. In this lab it took almost 50 minutes.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Requests (Completed)

To verify the successful upgrade log into your vRNI GUI and open the “About” page in the “Settings” section. The version string should show the following:

vRealize Network Insight – Settings/About